Monday, September 26, 2011

Whoa... it's been a while

Sorry it's been so long! This one comes from Raven-

"Rachel B. has got to be one of the loveliest people I know. Always a friend, she has served me in countless ways. One in particular that comes to mind was her willingness to tend my toddler for 3 hours one day so that I could chaperone my daughter's school field trip. I asked her last-minute, she has three children of her own (one still a baby), and 3 hours is a long time. But she was quick to say "yes" and seemed eager to help. What a relief that was for me! Especially since I dread trying to find babysitters and this was so last minute. This willingness to help goes beyond my own children, though. Can I tell you how many times Rachel has substituted in our ward's primary? No I can't--there are just too many times. Whether it's as a pianist, a chorister, or a teacher, she is one of those women that we know we can count on and turn to in a pinch. It's people like Rachel that make me so grateful to live in this neighborhood! Thank you, Rachel!"

I agree! Rachel B. is one of my favorite people. She single-handedly made sure I got the one thing I wanted for my new baby- a car seat cover. That sounds dumb, but seriously, it was so nice of her to a)remember that I was longing for one, and b)make sure I got the exact one I wanted. She is so considerate of the people around her, and she will do anything to help. We love you!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Boy Whisperer

Sorry guys, I NEED to catch up on my good gossip! I'm sure there's plenty out there- email me if you know some good stories!

This one comes from me...

The other day, a bunch of us moms were out at the playground with all our kids, and little Jesse got stung by a bee. Poor little guy. You could tell it was hurting him, and he was screaming, but from the looks of it, he didn't want to go home to get it fixed- he was having too much fun at the park. Rachel was doing her best to calm him, but when he wouldn't go home, she was kind of stuck.

Enter Michelle W. She runs home, comes back out with a little first aid kit (something that I don't have- shame on me), and starts talking to Jesse. She says it's her 'special box' that helps little boys when they're hurt. Man, that kid quieted right down. He started listening to everything she said, sat down while they put some sting stuff on him and whatnot, and was just peachy after just a few minutes.

Have you ever seen a better boy-mom? She's stinking awesome. She came to the rescue yet again. She does that a lot...

Thanks, Michelle! You are not allowed to move. Ever. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm the worst person on the planet...

This story comes from me, but it needs a little back story.

Last Sunday, Liza asked me how I was doing, I said good, etc, and she said that if I ever needed a place for Lexi and Lanie to go, to just call her. Sometimes it's easier when your kid has a friend over to play with, you know? So I said I would, and we left.

Wednesday, I was slightly stressed because I had in-laws coming into town and I needed to get the house ready. I remembered that Liza offered for my kids to play at her house, and I promptly gave her a call. She said that she was pretty busy that day, they were about to go for pictures, and that maybe tommorow would work for a playdate.

The next day, upon reading her facebook status, I figure out that her brother got married on Wednesday! That's the pictures they were talking about! I probably called her on the worst possible day, and instead of just telling me 'no way', she actually offered the very next day for a playdate. How stinking nice is that?!

Wait, there's more. The next morning she calls and says that she forgot that her family was doing a birthday party for her grandpa, so they wouldn't be home for a playdate. BUT, she said that she'd be more than happy to take Lexi with her to play with Nan at her mom's house. Are you kidding me? She has all this family stuff going on, but she's still more than willing to take Lexi with her? SO NICE.

And do you know what I did? I took her up on her offer. And Lexi had a blast at Liza's mom's house. And I got stuff done around the house. I'm terrible, and I should have said no. But I didn't, and I'm kinda glad I didn't. Lexi had so much fun, and I learned how great of a person Liza is. I mean, I already knew, but holy moley. She's so genuinely nice and caring about everyone she's meets. Liza always makes primary as smooth as possible on Sunday, and I think that's because she sincerely cares about every single child in that room. That's charity at work, people.

Liza, you're seriously the best. Thank you so much!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

So many nice people to choose from...

I have been out of town, and I haven't gotten any good gossip from people lately. I'm sure that doesn't mean that service isn't being rendered, it just means I haven't heard it. :)

Anyway, this comes from me, about Rachel B.

The backdrop is June, and Rachel has JUST had her new baby girl. Like, a week ago. Maybe a week and a half. We had recently been to Rachel's house, pre-new-baby, for some ice cream cake and chatting. Brandon LOVED the cake, and father's day was coming up, and I wanted to make the dessert for him.

So, like any other person with no shame, I called her up and left a voicemail asking for the recipe. Days after having a baby. Without offering or giving any service myself. For some reason, I really regret that. I should've brought FOOD or something.

Anywho, she calls back, while she was running errands, and recites the recipe from memory for me, so that I could make a father's day dessert for Brandon. I just thought that was so nice of her. I'm sure the last thing on her mind was helping me. But she did it all the same.

Part 2- kind of... Rachel had made cookies for ward choir one Sunday, and after choir realized that she didn't hand them out. Did I mention that this was also post-baby? Do we all know how scatterbrained we are after having a new baby? Anyway, she went to everyone's house that came to choir that day and dropped off a cookie for each of us. Did I also mention that I live on the 3rd floor? And these cookies were good. You know, those homemade oreo ones? SOOOO good. I thought that was going above and beyond her calling and showing gratitude for us who came to choir.

Long story short? Go to ward choir. You'll get some awesome treats. :)

We love you, Rachel! Don't move, okay? :) And I still owe you food of some kind...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another goodie

This comes from my friend Janae, who always knows what to say...

"Today I am not writing about one person but to all the great people in
this community. There are just so many people that give of their time
and talents to make this a better community, a better city, and a
better ward.

I see the way people forgive and forget, the way they accept, the way
people are trying to be good. It is inspiring and humbling to live in
such a neighborhood.

Though we all have our faults I am grateful for neighbors who can look
past them, for those who try to lift. There is so much good here that
it gets me choked up just thinking about it.

Thank you Gateway and Pleasant Springs neighbors for being you."

Janae, you are also a great example of this! We truly live in a great neighborhood.

P.S. Be sure to say hi to your elderly neighbors! You never know when they are feeling blue or left out.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ANOTHER service-oriented person

This again comes from me-

Carrie B. is probably one of the nicest people on the planet. I know I say that a lot, but seriously. Seriously! She never has a mean word to say about anyone.

She did SO much to make the pioneer primary activity so fun for the kids. Did you guys see all those wagons? Carrie did them. My girls LOVED them! I'm sure she did so much more than that, but I don't know the details. Those wagons were so fun for the kids to play in, and to make a 'trek' outside. So cute!

And, to go along with yesterday's post, she ALSO volunteered to take care of kids in the 'ward choir nursery' along with Sheryl. So, she spent two hours working with kids in primary, and then she stayed an additional hour to help take care of kids so the parents could sing.

Carrie is so helpful, kind, and LOVING. She's always willing to lend a helping hand. Did I mention that she's such a good mommy? She's a great example to me on how to be loving to my kids. We love you!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The definition of nice

This comes from me, because I thought, this girl is so thoughtful!

Sheryl O. is always taking care of babies. Does she have any of her own? No. She just always has one in her hands to help take the load off of his/her mother.

On Sunday I saw her taking care of little McKay, Erica's little boy, during church. Erica was subbing in primary, and I'm assuming Sheryl volunteered to take her baby so she wouldn't have to worry about him in primary. She was holding him all through relief society, and she even changed his diaper. Talk about service! haha. :)

THEN, she helped take care of kids in the 'ward choir nursery.' In case you didn't know, in order for mommies and daddies to participate in ward choir, there is now a ward choir nursery for the kiddies to play in during rehearsal. Sheryl volunteered to stay AFTER church for an hour to take care of all the kids so their parents could sing.

Again, she is the nicest person on the planet. How many of you agree with me? And she's smart and funny, and so fun to talk to.

We love you, Sheryl!

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